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metal's stainless steel processing

Metal’s, beyond stainless steel processing: a service covering the entire logistics process

At Metal’s we process stainless steel to realize assemblies, semi-finished products and machine parts for various markets, and above all we provide a service covering the entire logistical process, because we have chosen to be not just a supplier for our customers, but a partner specialised in the realisation of technologically advanced solutions.

Our service includes technical consulting, engineering, selection and purchase of raw materials, coordination of suppliers involved in the process and production to meet the specific needs of companies operating in different markets: from medical to food processing and packaging. As far as raw materials are concerned, our customers can suggest their suppliers or rely on us for their choice. In this way we can be the single point of contact for the entire project, optimising time and maximising production.

Our production process: technology and organisation

We handle our production process in a meticulous and at the same time flexible way, coordinating all parties involved so that high quality standards are met at every stage and to ensure on-time deliveries, eliminating waste and delays. Ours is lean production, designed to offer maximum efficiency and reliability. The fully automated process includes:

  • laser cutting;
  • punching (combined with laser);
  • bending;
  • pressing;
  • welding;
  • brushing;
  • assembly;
  • mould making;
  • quality control.

We can perform extremely precise machining in very short times, thanks also to our machine pool, which includes laser cutting systems, bending machines, robotic systems and others. All selected for their extremely high technology and precision. State-of-the-art solutions, in constant operation (24/7), led by our experienced technicians, always up-to-date with the latest innovations.

For example, thanks to the laser punching plant – equipped with a 59-tool tower, two of which are multi-tools – we can carry out any type of drawing, while the laser cutting machines allow us to cut steel in different thicknesses, up to 20 mm.

The result of our work: stainless steel assemblies, parts and semi-finished products for various sectors

We have been processing and assembling stainless steel for over 35 years to produce complex assemblies, machine parts, semi-finished products and components for large and medium-sized structured companies, operating both in Italy and internationally in various sectors.

Complex assemblies and machine parts in stainless steel 

We assemble stainless steel with different types of components (such as glass parts, plastics, wiring harnesses) to achieve complex assemblies in advanced stage of assembly. For example, we manufacture devices for the packaging, bottling, medical and pharma sectors.

Semi-finished products and components in stainless steel

We also produce semi-finished products and stainless steel components used in various fields. For example, our work includes accessories for large professional kitchens, stainless steel parts for the bakery market, products for meat processing, refrigeration and the ice cream industry. In addition, we design and create elements for professional dishwashers, switchboards and cabinets, and products for the pharmaceutical and medical sectors.

How we work: our philosophy, our method

At Metal’s we turn problems into solutions. This is our company philosophy, and to do this we provide our customers with the experience of technicians, engineers and skilled workers who follow every step of the process, from the costs evaluation and project feasibility to the realisation of a perfect product.

We do not simply receive an order, put forward a quote and proceed with its realisation. At Metal’s we have a proactive and consultative approach that follows the entire process, from prototyping to logistics:

  • During the design phase, our engineering department evaluates the technical feasibility of the project, suggests improvement options and, if it identifies feasibility problems, proposes all possible solutions.
  • Before proceeding with a project, we create a prototype that, once approved by the customer, attests the green light for production.
  • At every stage of the production cycle, from the raw materials control to the final product finishing, we check that everything meets our strict quality standards. This allows us to meet every demand with flexibility and security, in the markets we have served so far and in new sectors.
  • Once manufactured, all products must pass scrupulous control tests with the primary objective of meeting the targets set by our customers. Only in this way we can deliver high-quality assemblies, semi-finished products and parts, both in terms of performance and design, respecting the parameters and any customizations of the project.
  • Last but not least, the people. Those who work at Metal’s are prepared, motivated, energetic. Qualities that determine the quality of work, enrich the relationship with our customers and characterize our company on the market. This is why continuous training is essential for us and from 2022 we have an in-house Metal’s Academy to train new resources.

Our certifications: a guarantee of safety, quality and sustainability

At Metal’s, we are committed to following advanced policies on quality, safety and sustainability, and have obtained international certifications such as ISO 9001:2015 for our management system, ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 14001:2015 related to occupational safety and health practices and our environmental management system.

For several years we have also adopted a corporate “Green Mission” to guide choices and investments with a view to sustainability, achieving important goals such as increasing green energy production, reducing waste and CO2 emissions.

Would you like to get in touch with us?

At Metal’s we carefully select customers to work with – medium-sized and large companies – and support them at every stage of the logistical flow: from conception to the realisation of stainless steel assemblies, semi-finished products and machine parts. Want to know more?