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Metal’s case history: simplify a complex project, reducing maintenance costs

At Metal’s we can handle the entire production process, to realise stainless steel assemblies, semi-finished products, parts and components in the quantities and with the characteristics you need. We love challenges and this is why we can realise even the most complex projects.

Ours is a path that, from consultancy to production, goes through multiple stages to offer our customers the desired product, within the agreed timeframe and according to the planned investment, often offering improvement solutions that reduce costs even once the product is in operation.

Reducing production and maintenance costs: a Metal’s case history

Our technical department assesses the feasibility of the entire job, proposing sustainable or alternative solutions to improve the initial project and optimise it, with important benefits, both technical and economic. This was the case, for example, of a major Food Processing customer. 

The case and request in brief: reducing the production costs of a complete assembly with all components

A customer in the food processing sector entrusted us with the production of suction elements for ovens, with one aim: to reduce costs by managing the entire production in Metal’s. A challenge we accepted with enthusiasm because making products of this type means not only machining stainless steel, but also finding improved solutions to produce a complete assembly of all the components necessary for its operation, including wiring, junction boxes, fans, exhaust pipes and condensation units.

Our proposal: streamlining the project to optimise production and maintenance costs

In order to reduce costs, our technical department has considered every variable to intervene on, including components already produced, stock residues and open orders. Then, thanks to timely and active discussions with the customer, they designed a solution that not only met the required criteria, but also allowed an optimization of post-production costs.

In fact, our engineers have proposed the construction of grooves to drain water more efficiently and reduce the number of welds, while providing an interlocking system for the fans to facilitate the replacement of the component in case of repair. Suction elements designed in this way are easier to assemble, clean and maintain.

Reliability even in emergency conditions

At Metal’s we are the single point of contact for each project, which means that our customers can also rely on us for materials and components procurement, and not only for design development, production and delivery. We are at their side in everyday life and also in emergencies.

This was the case, for example, when, during the Covid-19 pandemic, the same Food Processing customer suddenly found itself without fans, an essential component, necessary for the operation of the suction elements, because its trusted supplier was not operational due to restrictive measures to contain the virus. In a short time, we looked for a new company that could meet the quality and cost requirements, guaranteeing supply and avoiding a production stop.

“Due to the pandemic, the supplier suggested by our customer, could not supply an essential component to put the suction units into operation, so we immediately dedicated ourselves to looking for an alternative product that guaranteed identical performance and sustainable costs. It wasn’t easy but we finally identified a European supplier. We asked to receive a sample to test it. Having assessed the quality of the component, we were able to proceed with production. Today, the supplier we identified during the emergency collaborates with us and with our customer for the construction of the suction units”. – Michele Perin, Purchasing Manager

Consultancy at the beginning of the project

At Metal’s, consultancy is an essential service that allows us to evaluate, together with the customer, the different paths to take in order to achieve the agreed end goal.

Usually this discussion takes place at the beginning of the collaboration (i.e. before starting the entire production process), but dialogue with customers is constant and can take place at any time.

It may happen, in fact, that changes are required to speed up the production process or reduce prices, while maintaining the same quality of semi-finished products or complex assemblies.

It also happens that some emergency situations have to be faced, such as the difficult availability of a component. Critical situations that could compromise delivery times or change the final price of the product, but which – thanks to timely and targeted intervention, the result of in-depth knowledge of the field and the reference market – can be contained.

At Metal’s, in fact, we can deal with the unexpected, delivering the desired product within the agreed times and prices.

To do this, we draw on the experience of a team of technicians, engineers and specialised workers who, after careful study, evaluate and suggest new options to meet customers’ demands.

From approval to product realisation

Once we have outlined the path to be taken together with the customer, we always make a prototype before starting up the series production.

This – especially in the case of changes of the initial project – allows us to carry out further checks, to test usability, solidity and verify, together with the customer, if every request made has been satisfied.

To manufacture the products, we make use of a fleet of state-of-the-art machines, active 24 hours a day. This allows us to meet agreed deadlines and avoid delays. Furthermore, production is constantly supervised by our technicians and the products must pass suitability tests before each delivery. This scrupulous and careful process allows us to deliver assemblies, machine parts, semi-finished products and components of the highest quality.

A single partner for the most complex projects

At Metal’s we can simplify any complex project and find effective solutions even in times of crisis. In this case study, we have illustrated an example of what we can do for you, even if the unexpected happens.