30 September 2021

Have you already seen the first issue of our magazine "Acciaio&Forma"?

Everything turns around the main theme: Metal's as a complete supplier in the supply of...
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15 September 2021

Metal's and POR FSE Veneto 2014-2020

We are pleased to inform you that Metal's has joined the Regional Operational Program of the European Social Fund 2014-2020 with the aim of...
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29 July 2021

Happy holidays !

We wish to inform our customers that our offices will be closed from 9th to 13th August. Enjoy your summer!
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30 June 2021

A new system will be installed soon!

Metal's invests to further increase production efficiency and consequently optimize the economic offer to our customers! A new Mitsubishi laser cutting system with Astes4 pieces separator technology will be installed soon...
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7 May 2021

We will take part to the 42nd edition of Host Milano!

Also this year we will participate to Host Milano, the exclusive world leading trade fair dedicated to catering and hospitality. A vital, strongly desired, absolutely indispensable restart...
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2 April 2021

We give shape to stainless steel

A new Salvagnini P2Lean panel bender will be installed shortly in our factory and will further increase our machine pool. The new programmable and automatic bending center will...
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25 February 2021

Have you ever seen a 3D laser cutting system so close?

Laser cutting is one of the first manufacturing processes of our industrial cycle. We have both 2D and 3D laser cutting systems. The former, are used to obtain parts from flat stainless steel sheets of different thicknesses. In these cases, after cutting ...
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4 February 2021

A single point of contact for all your projects, even the most complex ones!

We handle large volumes of stainless steel assemblies. For this reason ...
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20 January 2021

We offer you solutions!

Our Research and Development team is constantly looking for solutions to increase efficiency...
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23 December 2020

Wishing you a very joyful Holiday Season

It has been an extraordinary year. We at Metal’s are thankful for being able to continue our work and to have been by your side throughout all the "seasons" of this year. A year like no other.
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16 December 2020

Development and overcoming resistances to obtain complex solutions

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26 November 2020

We turn problems into solutions

Every day, we check the feasibility of each project we face, we analyse it in details and we implement it with....
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6 August 2020

Happy holidays !

We wish to inform our customers that our offices will be closed from 10th to 14th August. Enjoy your summer !
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23 July 2020

Hear what our Sales Manager would like to share with you...

Today Metal's Sales Manager talks to us. Have a look to this short video to find out more!
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9 July 2020

Complete industrial solutions in stainless steel

We are able to supply assemblies in an advanced state of assembly with components of different product groups.
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22 June 2020

New metrological instrumentation

To meet the continuous measurement needs of increasingly complex products, a mobile 3D measuring arm has been purchased.
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10 June 2020

News from our machinery

In addition to the traditional machines used for deburring, satin finishing and brushing, we have a Costa edge-rounding machine.
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9 June 2020

New assembly line

We successfully launched a new production line for vending machines chassis
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28 May 2020

New software for our bending department

Our bending department has been equipped with a new bending software with 4.0 technology.
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20 May 2020

Metal’s continues to invest

The implementation of the Metal's investment plan scheduled for 2020 continues. Extension of the production area, new technologies and machines.
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5 May 2020

We’re fully operational

Metal's SPA production proceeds normally during this period of Covid restrictions.
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12 February 2020

We purchased a second brand new HG 220 - 4 bending machine

The second machine will be delivered in March 2020 while the first one is going to be installed in these days. It has a power of 220 tons (hydraulic-electric) and a bending length of 4 meters.
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17 January 2020

Company welfare extended for the year 2020

Also for the current year the COMPANY WELFARE system, introduced last year in January, has been reconfirmed.
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17 January 2020

Excellent delivery performance

One of our important customer has given us the maximum value in terms of deliveries reliability for the year 2019.
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20 December 2019

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Metal's wishes you all Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year
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6 September 2019

We’re online with a completely new layout

We are pleased to announce that our brand new site is online, with a refreshed look it is faster and easier to navigate.
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16 May 2019

We will be at the 41st edition of host milano

This year, we will be at the 41st edition of Host Milano, the exclusive world-leading trade show dedicated to the world of catering and hospitality.
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13 February 2019

Metal's spa has obtained the ISO 45001:2018 certification

We are happy and proud to announce that we have obtained the UNI ISO 45001: 2018 certification!
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1 February 2019

Discover Metal’s. Come into the company with us

Discover the spirit of Metal’s in this video which will show you the details of our production process
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1 January 2019

Metal's towards industry 4.0

We are carrying out new investments to be in linewith “Industry 4.0”. A new Costa Deburring plant will be installed soon for the constant improvement of the deburring process.
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30 November 2018

Rating 1 for metal's realibility !

It is dated October 17, 2018 the prestigious award of CRIBIS D&B reconfirming to our company the RATING 1, "Most Reliable” from the financial point of view based on accurate financial statement data analysis.
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10 October 2018

Metal's obtained the environmental certification ISO 14001:2015

Metal's has always been distinguished by the constant attention to the issues related to its activities impact on the environment and last September achieved ISO 14001:2015 certification.
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