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Semi-finished Products and components

At Metal’s we manufacture semi-finished products and components made of stainless steel for several sectors, from professional kitchens to access control. We specialize in stainless steel processing and manufacture semi-finished products for medium and large companies who are looking for a partner for complete stainless steel industrial solutions. We can also supply assemblies at an advanced stage of assembly with components of different product categories.

Metal’s: a single point of reference for your complex projects

In order to provide you with technically perfect and economically competitive semi-finished products and components, we check the feasibility of each single project and evaluate it from a technical and economic point of view.

Technical consultancy and design

Once we have received your project, we don’t just carry it out. Our technical department can advise you, evaluating the cost-effectiveness and technical feasibility of the project.

Management of the entire logistics process

We coordinate the parties involved in the production process and we manage the entire logistics flow, so that you can have a single point of contact for your projects, even the most complex ones: Metal’s.

Raw material quality and implementation

We have a deep knowledge of raw materials, we select only those which comply with strict quality standards and know how to implement your specifications in the manufacturing process.

Lean Production

We deliver stainless steel assemblies and parts in the type, quantity and time you need, in order to optimize your warehouse stock and ours. Metal’s production process is designed and set up to guarantee maximum flexibility and reliability.

Our working method and our customers

Our task, first of all, consists in dealing with any possible problem you may encounter and find an efficient and punctual solution, guaranteeing you excellent service and top technological skills.

We evaluate each single project from a technical and economic point of view. We recommend modifications and improvements in order to provide you with technically perfect and economically competitive complex assemblies.

Our production is lean, our manufacturing process is flexible and reliable, and our choice of raw materials is very rigorous. We know how to implement your specifications in various manufacturing processes and provide you with complex assemblies and semi-finished products exactly when you need them and in the quantities required.

We carefully select the customers to collaborate with: we mainly turn to structured companies, of medium and large size, which operate both on the Italian and international markets. Anyway, we are always available to evaluate any request from customers interested in developing a potentially significant business with us.