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Semi-finished Products and components

Quadri e armadi elettrici

Semi-finished products and components made of stainless steel for electrical panels and cabinets

We manufacture semi-finished products and components made of stainless steel for electrical panels and cabinets.

Starting from your project, we deliver the components in the quantities you need and when you need them, reducing warehouse stocks to a minimum.

Consulting, integrated logistics, certified quality

We start from your project, but we don’t just carry it out. Our technical department is at your disposal to evaluate with you the cost-effectiveness and technical feasibility of the design, since our goal is to create technically perfect and economically competitive stainless steel elements.

Your partner for complete stainless steel industrial solutions

We know raw materials very well and we know how to implement your specifications in various manufacturing processes. We manage the entire process, we coordinate ourselves the departments involved in the project (even the most complex one), procurement and delivery, so that you will have a single point of contact: Metal’s.

We deliver stainless steel assemblies and parts for cabinets and electrical panels in the type, quantity and time you need, because our production is lean and we aim to optimize both your warehouse stocks and ours.

Quadri elettrici
Armadi elettrici

High quality and environmental standards

Metal’s is certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001 for environmental management and ISO 45001 for workplace safety.

Safety, quality and the environment are an important commitment for us, to be respected every day. That’s why we have decided to install a photovoltaic system in the company and to exploit solar energy. Read more about our Green Mission.

By relying on us you’ll be sure of receiving complex assemblies and machine parts for cabinets and electrical panels made in compliance with extremely rigorous production and management specifications. You can check this personally: for example, some of our customers  send their inspectors to our factory to check the quality of our processes.

Production process

Our production process is automated, planned  to work 24/7.It is flexible and reliable, to guarantee safety and quality without compromise. It starts with the rigorous control of raw materials, which are then processed according to strict quality standards. The phases of our industrial cycle, divided into first processing and finishing, are the following:

• laser cutting
• laser combined punching
• bending
• molding
• welding
• brushing
• assembling
• molds
• quality control

Semilavorati elettrici

Our working method and our customers

We respond to your requests efficiently and on time, offering excellent service and top technological expertise. All this because our goal mainly consists in turning your problems into solutions.

We carefully select the customers to collaborate with: we mainly turn to structured medium and large companies operating both on the Italian and international markets. Anyway, we are always available to evaluate any request from customers interested in developing a potentially significant business with us. 


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