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Semi-finished Products and components

Semilavorati controllo accessi

Semi-finished products and components made of stainless steel for access control systems

At Metal’s we design and assemble semi-finished products and components made of stainless steel for access control systems with special attention to design and safety.
Based on your project, we manufacture stainless steel products in the quantities you need and when you need them, optimizing warehouse stocks.

Consulting, integrated logistics, certified quality

Once we have received your project, our technical department will be at your complete disposal for advice on its cost-effectiveness and feasibility, because we don’t only manufacture stainless steel carpentry, but we are also committed to ensuring that the semi-finished products and components that will make up your access control system are economically competitive and technically perfect.

Your partner for complete stainless steel industrial solutions

We know raw materials very well and know how to implement your specifications in various manufacturing processes. For example, we can provide you with anti-intrusion barriers and components for your access control system complete with lights.

We manage the entire logistics flow and process complex projects at a centralized level, so that you can have a single point of contact: Metal’s.

Our production is lean and we aim to optimize both your warehouse stocks and ours, by delivering semi-finished products and components made of stainless steel in the type, quantity and time you need.

High quality and environmental standards

At Metal’s we care about the future of the environment – read more about our Green Missionthat’s why we have decided to exploit solar energy and hybrid technology. For example, thanks to the photovoltaic system installed in our factory, we have reduced CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by 795 tons so far. Our company is certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001 for environmental management and ISO 45001 for workplace safety.


By relying on Metal’s, you’ll be sure to receive semi-finished products and components for access control systems made in compliance with extremely rigorous production and management specifications.

We are not afraid of being tested. Some of our customers send their inspectors to our factory to check the quality of our processes.

Production process

We have studied our production process in such a way to make it flexible and reliable.

It begins with a rigorous control of raw materials and proceeds with the industrial cycle phases, divided into first processing and finishing. All the manufacturing stages meet strict quality standards and are the following:

• laser cutting
• laser combined punching
• bending
• molding
• welding
• brushing
• assembling
• molds
• quality control

Componenti controllo accessi

Our working method and our customers

First of all, we are committed to facing the possible problems you may encounter. We do it effectively and punctually, providing solutions, excellent service and very high technological skills.

We carefully select the customers to collaborate with: we mainly turn to structured medium and large companies operating both on the Italian and international markets. Anyway, we are always available to evaluate any request from customers interested in developing a potentially significant business with us. 



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