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Metal’s case history: optimizing costs while maintaining the product’s aesthetics to adapt it to different markets

At Metal’s we manufacture stainless steel assemblies, semi-finished products, parts and components in agreed quantities, managing the entire process: from orders to delivery. We can handle all kinds of projects, especially the most complex and challenging ones, following every step of the logistical and production process.

Our goal is to deliver the required products to our customers, respecting the quality and technical prerogatives agreed during the design phase. We operate in different markets, adapting design and functionality to their characteristics, and following the entire product realization process. Whenever possible, we recommend improved options to reduce production costs without affecting the quality of the materials used or delivery times.

Reducing production costs while meeting market demands: a Metal’s case history

The feasibility of a project and the application of possible improvements in economic and technical terms are assessed by our technical department. This analysis usually takes place at an early stage of the process but can be requested by the customer at a later stage, when production has already started. As happened, for example, with a major customer in the Food & Beverage sector.

The case and the request in brief: cutting costs without affecting quality and aesthetics

A company operating in the Food & Beverage sector entrusted us with the manufacture of beverage vending machines: products that we supply to our customer ready for shipment to their end customer, packaged and placed on the pallet, equipped with a welded painted steel frame, display, plastic accessories, wheels and stickers.

The request: to find a solution that would allow us to reduce product production costs without affecting quality and aesthetics, while ensuring compliance with the specifications necessary to produce distributors in line with the needs of the various markets. A common request among our customers, who often contact us to produce the product while optimizing production costs.

It is a different challenge for every project. Each one requires a specific and customized solution. In this case, for example, the beverage dispenser had to have a very large display, refrigerator and boiler, because it was intended for the Middle Eastern market.

Our proposal: a new fastening system combined with new folds

The technical team that followed the initial stages of study and design suggested:

  • to change the fastening systems, shifting from welding to riveting (a technique that maintains the same solidity and rigidity, at lower costs);
  • implement special bends to allow specific fastenings;
  • consider the industrialization of the process by creating dedicated molds to produce the parts and using robotics during the brushing phase.

More design solutions to choose from

The proposals put forth by our technical department were aimed at cost reduction. Suggestions were then evaluated by the customer, who took them into consideration for his final choice. Our task, in fact, is to develop the project in accordance with the requirements agreed with those who rely on us. It is always the client who identifies which among the suggested options is most suitable for their objectives.

Analysis and testing to achieve the best possible result

At Metal’s, the technical department is involved from the early stages of the process. In particular, it assesses the technical feasibility of the project and the costs, then creates prototypes to be tested before starting production.

What happens when you involve the technical department in a project that has already started, as in the case illustrated in this article? Just as if it were a new job. The department explores possible alternatives to fulfil the client’s requirements. It examines and tests various options, outlining the advantages of each proposal and presenting the client only those renderings that can enhance the project.

For example, when making beverage dispensers for Middle Eastern countries, our engineering department considered the particular functionalities of the product, evaluating different alternatives to reduce costs while meeting the demands of the target market and the quality of the components.

This has been an interesting challenge for our team: being a complex assembly, every decision made could also affect other elements, starting from the aesthetics:

“When the customer asked us if it was possible to reduce product costs without interfering with the aesthetics and quality of the components, the engineering department took back the initial project to evaluate possible solutions. It was an interesting challenge since these particular beverage vending machines were designed for the Middle Eastern market. In this model, in fact, both a refrigerator and a coffee boiler have been installed, along with a larger display compared to traditional ones. All components that – if modified – could affect both costs and aesthetics of the product. The technical department therefore made several proposals, creating a prototype for the customer to physically test the functionalities of the new version of the product and evaluate any modifications”. – Luca Regazzo, Technical Sales Manager.

From design to delivery: entrust everything to us

When the customer positively evaluated the prototype, our technical department gave the green light for production. The product was then tested to ensure it met all standards before being delivered and placed on the target market.

At Metal’s, we follow every phase of the process – we have already talked about how we work in a dedicated article – and, if required, we can assemble the various components to provide a finished product ready for use. Thanks to a state-of-the-art machine park, in operation 24 hours a day, we ensure continuous production and delivery of products on time.

We can also handle logistics. If the product is complete and requires no further finishing, you can entrust the shipment to us and we will ensure that your batches arrive at their destination. As far as packaging is concerned, all specifications are agreed upon in advance with the customer and customized to ensure that the product is delivered without damage and designed to optimize transport.

A single partner for the most complex projects

The case study discussed in this article is just one of many examples of how we work every day to meet our customers’ demands. Rely on Metal’s for your productions.