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At Metal’s we manufacture semi-finished products and complex assemblies made of stainless steel for medium and large companies operating in different fields, from catering to packaging. Molding is one of the manufacturing processes of our industrial cycle.

In this phase we use hydraulic machines and mechanical machines with pressing power of 1000t and up to 400t respectively. Together with you, we design specific molds for the job, in order to optimize costs and harmonize the whole process.

Our processes are mainly automated: our plants work 24/7 to guarantee speed, precision and the least possible waste.

Our production process

We develop, manufacture and assemble complete systems, machines and devices according to your project. We offer targeted consultancy and we support you from the design stage: we have a deep knowledge of raw materials and we know how to implement your specifications in several production processes. 

Our goal is to let you find in Metal’s a single point of contact for all your projects, even the most complex ones. That’s why we manage the entire logistics flow along with the purchase and assembly phases of several materials at a centralized level, and coordinate all the departments involved in the process, thus ensuring timely delivery. 

We have designed our production process in such a way that it is flexible, reliable and adapts to the demands of any company that uses semi-finished products made of stainless steel.

The machine parts, complex assemblies, i semi-finished products and components made of steel coming from our factory are created following a detailed process that includes:

1 – Raw material control

2 – Manufacturing along the industrial cycle phases, divided into first processing and finishing, which meet strict quality standards from time to time.

Our manufacturing processes include:

• laser cutting
• laser combined punching
• bending
• molding
• welding
• brushing
• assembling
• molds
• quality control

Macchina stampaggio
Macchinari stampaggio


We mainly turn to structured companies, of medium and large size, operating both on the Italian and international markets. We supply complex assemblies especially for the following industries:

• bottling
• packaging
• medical
• food processing machines

But there are no sector limits for us! For our customers we manufacture semi-finished products and complex assemblies for different product categories, for example:  professional dishwashers for large kitchens, oven doors, cupboard systems for baking and storage, extractor hoods, professional ovens used in catering, accessories for professional coffee and ice-cream making.  We manufacture machines for meat processing, including shredding machines, slicers, meat grinders, bone saws, homogenizers, solid and liquid separators, but also solutions for machines in the medical field, like X-ray systems made of painted steel. 

Metal’s: your partner for complete stainless steel industrial solutions

At Metal’s we mainly turn to structured companies, of medium and large size operating both on the Italian and international markets. We carefully select the customers to collaborate with and we are always available to evaluate any request from customers interested in developing a potentially significant business with us.


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