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taglio laser

Steel laser cutting

At Metal’s we specialize in the production of semi-finished products and complex assemblies made of stainless steel for medium and large companies operating in different fields, from catering to packaging . Laser cutting is one of the first manufacturing processes of our industrial cycle.

We can cut steel of different thickness, with cuts up to 12 mm (stainless steel with nitrogen), carry out deep drawing with a height up to 20 mm, threading and, in some cases, bending, since our machinery also include laser cutting technologies combined with punching. All the plants that carry out these processes are equipped with  automatic tending system.

Many of our processes are automatedand our machines work 24/7 to guarantee speed, precision and the least possible waste. 

If necessary, we can make finishes in the same cycle in order to obtain top quality and maximum precision.

Our production process

We develop, manufacture and assemble complete systems, machines and devices according to your project.. We have a deep knowledge of raw materials and know how to implement your specifications in various manufacturing processes. We manage the entire logistics flow and we develop complex projects at a centralized level.

We can support you with targeted advice right from the design stage and we ourselves manage all the purchase and assembly phases of various materials. We coordinate all the departments  involved in the process and guarantee you punctual delivery, so that you can find in Metal’s a single point of contact for all your projects, even the most complex ones.

We have designed our production process in such a way that it is flexible, reliable and adapts to the demands of any company that uses semi-finished products made of stainless steel.
The machine parts, complex assemblies, i semi-finished products and components made of steel coming from our factory are created following a detailed process that includes:

1 – Raw material control

2 – Manufacturing along the industrial cycle phases, divided into first processing and finishing, which meet strict quality standards from time to time.

Our manufacturing processes include:

• laser cutting
• laser combined punching
• bending
• molding
• welding
• milling
• brushing
• assembling
• molds
• quality control

Taglio laser processo produttivo
Taglio laser settori


Our main customers are structured companies, of medium and large size, operating both on the Italian and international markets.
We supply complex assemblies especially for the following industries:

• bottling
• packaging
• medical
• food processing machines

But there are no sector limits for us! For our customers we manufacture semi-finished products and complex assemblies used in catering, in professional coffee and ice-cream production. Some examples: professional dishwashers for large kitchens, oven doors, cupboard systems for baking and storage, extractor hoods, professional ovens.

We create solutions for machines in the medical field, including X-ray systems made of painted steel, up to machines for meat processing, such as shredding machines, slicers, meat grinders, bone saws, homogenizers, solid and liquid separators.

Metal’s: your partner for complete stainless steel industrial solutions

At Metal’s we carefully select the customers to collaborate with and we mainly turn to structured companies, ofmedium and large sizeoperating both on the Italian and international markets. We are always available to evaluate requests from customers interested in developing a potentially significant business with us.

Taglio laser industriale
Taglio laser fabbrica
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