We have our own generator for self-production of nitrogen

In addition to the expansion of the photovoltaic plant and mainly to have stability in gas production costs over time, few weeks ago we started a new plant for the self-production of nitrogen.

Having the gas that powers our laser cutting systems always available is very important for us and this plant not only gives us a guarantee of continuity of supply, but above all allows us to generate less road transports further supporting the company’s initiatives related to our Green Mission.

We use solar energy: clean and renewable energy

For more than 7 years we are producing green energy which allows us, among other things, to contribute to the reduction of atmospheric pollution. Up to now we have reduced CO2 emissions of -795 tons.

We have self-consumed the 96.5% of this energy production.

We have recently implemented this system with additional power.

Waste: reduction and prevention

The environmentally friendly purchase of all our products is the starting point of our production chain. Purchases of raw materials and components without packaging or with recyclable packaging are preferred.

Responsibility in all phases of the chain has allowed us to reduce the production of dry waste of more than 30% in the last 3 years.

Hybrid technology in our machines pool

In the last few years we have been giving more and more space to machines and systems equipped with hybrid technology. Our aim is to further reduce the environmental impact of our emissions into the environment. Currently, our machines pool has 4 electro-hydraulic hybrid bending systems.

Metal’s plastic free!

We provided all our staff with customized Metal’s water bottles. All the team can use the water columns installed in the company for the supply of still and sparkling water.

A further step in the plastic-free perspective that the company has decided to adopt.

In this way, in fact, we plan to completely abolish the production of waste related to plastic bottles and containers.

We motivate our employees to environmentally friendly activities

In order to give a clear support and avoid possible errors on the waste handling we have developed clear color signs with images and description. By training and making this operation simple, we have significantly reduced the amount of non-recyclable waste.

Stop to the notice boards in paper format

From several years we are not using notice boards with documents in paper format. All internal communication has been digitized and transmitted through screens placed in the coffee break areas. A small contribution to reduce paper consumption!

Transport: our environmental responsibility

Our attention and responsibility for the environment is a key point also in our logistics management. Metal’s has always used vehicles in “round trip”. We plan transports in an optimal way to reduce empty kilometers. We only cooperate with international organizations with modern trucks that are respecting all the environmental standards.