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Complex assemblies and machine parts

Lavorazioni packaging

Complex stainless steel assemblies and components of packaging machines

At Metal’s we manufacture complex stainless steel assemblies and parts of packaging machines. We work stainless steel by assembling it with components of various kinds. The parts manufactured by us are cared for down to the smallest detail and tested to ensure optimal operation of the sophisticated machinery used to prepare and pack food and drinks and which work at very high speed.

On the basis of your project, we manufacture stainless steel products with parts made of glass, plastic and other materials, and provide you with assemblies at an advanced stage of assembly in the exact quantity and timing you need, in order to optimize your warehouse stocks.

For the procurement of the parts made of glass, plastic and other materials to be assembled in your packaging machines, we can collaborate with your suppliers or select specialized subcontractors, in compliance with the specifications you will indicate to us.

Consulting, integrated logistics, certified quality

Our technical department is at your complete disposal for advice. Together with you, it will evaluate the technical feasibility and cost-effectiveness of the project, in order to manufacture economically sustainable and technically perfect complex assemblies.

Your partner for complete stainless steel industrial solutions

We have a deep knowledge of raw materials. We know how to implement your specifications in various manufacturing processes. No matter how complex your project may be, we centrally coordinate all the departments involved, from purchase to delivery, so that you can have a single point of contact: Metal’s.

Our production is lean and we aim to optimize both your warehouse stocks and ours. Therefore you will receive stainless steel assemblies and parts in the exact quantity, type and timing you need.

We meet the needs of those customers who request high quality and environmental standards

Our company is certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001 for environmental management and ISO 45001 for workplace safety. At Metal’s quality, environmental sustainability and safety are a concrete commitment which starts from the small everyday’s choices (read more about our Green Mission).

For example, we have installed a photovoltaic system in our factory to exploit solar energy – such a choice has allowed us to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by 795 tons – and we comply with extremely strict production and management specifications.

Our commitment is to provide you with complex assemblies and parts of packaging machines manufactured according to the highest quality standards. You can verify it personally as some of our customers do, for example, by sending their inspectors to Metal’s in order to verify the quality of our process through in-depth audits.

Production process

We have designed our production process in such a way that it ensures maximum flexibility and reliability. We start with the rigorous control of raw materials followed by the industrial cycle phases, divided into first processing and finishing, including manual processing for the production of small quantities of stainless steel assemblies. The phases of our production process, which meet strict quality standards, are the following:

• laser cutting
• laser combined punching
• bending
• molding
• welding
• brushing
• assembling
• molds
• quality control


Our working method and our customers

Our task, first of all, consists in dealing with any possible problem of our customers effectively and punctually, providing solutions, excellent service and top technological skills. 

We carefully select the customers to collaborate with and we mainly turn to structured companies, of medium and large size, operating both on the Italian and international markets. We are always available to evaluate requests from customers interested in developing a potentially significant business with us. 


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