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Quality stainless steel semi-finished products for industrial production

Since 1987 we have been manufacturing complex assemblies, mechanical parts and semi-finished products made of stainless steel for the International industry.

sqm of factory surface
robotic systems

tons of CO2 saved
tons of stainless steel processed per year

Stainless steel processing

Your single point of contact for your most complex projects

We have been processing and assembling stainless steel on behalf of third parties for over 35 years to produce complex assemblies, machine parts, semi-finished products and components for large and medium-sized structured companies, operating both in Italy and internationally and in various sectors: from medical to food processing and packaging.

Our environmental management system is certified according to
ISO 14001.

At Metal’s we have chosen to adopt and implement good sustainable practices:

separate waste collection, significant reduction of plastic packaging, energy saving policies with solar panels and installation of hybrid machinery in our fleet. A choice we have been carrying out for some time, because we believe that it is possible to grow, preserving our planet as much as possible, starting with small everyday gestures.

Expertise to achieve top quality

Extensive knowledge of raw materials and many years of experience make up the basis of our great skill in steel and stainless steel processing.

We are specialized in several production processes concerning the manufacturing of semi-finished products made of steel and stainless steel and we are able to satisfy even the most complex requirements, always guaranteeing the highest quality.

"The service offered by us guarantees great advantages, especially the centralized processing of complex projects with a single point of contact: Metal’s!"

Our production process

Laser cutting

combined punching







Quality control

24/7 sustainable and high-quality stainless steel processing.

Customized and tailored service

We provide a structured service that covers the entire logistics process, including: technical consultancy, design, engineering, raw material purchasing, supplier coordination, lean production, assembly and final testing.

We take care of our production process in a meticulous and at the same time flexible way, coordinating all parties involved so that high quality standards are met at every stage and to ensure timely deliveries, eliminating waste and delays.

This is the approach that allows us to meet the needs of companies operating in various sectors, thanks also to our modern and technologically advanced

machinery. In addition to various automated sheet metal working systems, we have a dedicated area for milling, welding, robotic and non-robotic surface treatment, as well as a large assembly area.